Exploring the Mystique of Feroz Shah Kotla: A Journey Through History

Feroz Shah Kotla – every single time, I hear the name; it reminds me of the Feroz Shah Kotla Cricket Stadium situated in New Delhi. But, this name also has a historical significance.

The fort, Feroz Shah Kotla, one of the oldest structures in Delhi, was built during the 14th century, in the year 1354 by the then Sultan of Delhi, Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq.

I have been to Delhi many times, mostly for work purposes. Being a travel freak, I keep a few locations of the places that I visit on my bucket list, but at times cannot encompass them all, due to time limitations. However, in the year 2019, I made a plan that I would definitely drop in at the Feroz Shah Kotla fort.

Feroz Shah Kotla

Feroz Shah Kotla is located behind the ITO press lane, and near to the Feroz Shah Kotla Cricket Stadium. The main attraction of this fort is the 13 m long Ashokan pillar made from polished sandstone erected on a pyramid structure building on one side while the Jami Masjid is situated on the other side.

The site of the fort ruins has numerous gardens, Baolis or step wells, madrassas, and mosques all open to visitors for sightseeing. Historical sources say that the scarcity of water at the former capital of Tughlaqabad forced the Sultan to shift his capital to Firozabad.

Feroz Shah Kotla

Inside the Feroz Shah Kotla fort, visitors can witness the ruins of the palace, Ashokan Pillars brought from Ambala, pyramid structures, Jami Masjid, one of the oldest and largest mosques that were built during the 14th century for the royal ladies, used as prayer halls, and the Baoli. It is said that this place faced a significant scarcity of water during the 14th century.

The Haunted Episode

The term “Haunted” does not always mean Ghosts. As per the Muslim Mythology, Djinns are not ghosts nor are they angels. They are made alongside human beings but these Jinns were given the power to move in between the multiple parallel universes. While human beings were made from clay, these Jinns were created from smokeless fire.

The locals are of the opinion that the Feroz Shah Kotla fort has a significant impact on the Djinns, spirits, and ghosts (if any) that wander around the place after sunset.

People believe that Djinns that live here can fulfill any wish that the locals or people from across the country write their wishes in a letter. Every week, on Thursdays, people flock here with candles and incense sticks. Some people also leave a bowl of milk and food as offerings.

Out of curiosity, when I paid a visit to the place on a Thursday, I was not only stunned but also amazed at the crowd that had gathered in large numbers and they are firm believers that people who are facing mental disorders find solace in the fort.

What are Jinns?

For those who don’t know, in Muslim Mythology, Jinns are not ghosts nor are they angels. Allah created humans from clay, while the angels from noor (light) and djinns from smokeless fire. Djinns are older compared to humans and angels but mortals live for thousands of years and have the ability to connect human beings centuries apart in time.

They are created by Allah along with humans but they were given the power to move between multiple parallel universes and are believed to be shape-shifters.

Quick Facts

Location: Behind the ITO press lane, and near to Kotla Cricket Stadium

Address: Balmiki Basti, Vikram Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

Time: 8:30 am–7 pm (all days)

Metro Station: ITO on Violet Line, Pragati Maidan

Entrance Fee: Rs.30 and Rs.500 non-Indian

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